Inheritance Tax

It is important that you know how to deal with inheritance tax.

As you begin to accumulate wealth you should be fairly open handed with this. The reason is simply that accumulating wealth for its own sake is rather like keeping water in a pond. It will eventually stagnate. It may be lovely to look at but it’s of little use. If you don’t keep cleaning it out it will soon start to smell.

Money should flow to others in your family, your community and to those less fortunate than you. Rather like a stream which brings life wherever it goes.

Inheritance tax does at least give you the incentive to move money out of your estate. This should be well before you are likely to reach the end of your life. Unless, of course, you prefer to give a large proportion of it to the Government to spend as they see fit.

Below are links to various aspects of the tax. Including ways in which its effect can be reduced or removed altogether.