Guaranteed Annuity Rates

If you have an old pension plan which contains Guaranteed Annuity Rates then this section is for you. You have a potentially valuable option. Whether it is in fact of value to you will depend on your circumstances.

Guaranteed Annuity Rates

Some pension product providers in the 1980s and 1990s’ offered Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GARs) on their policies. The Guaranteed Annuity Rates were well below the then current annuity rates available. However, interest rates and inflation were much higher than they are today.

The Guaranteed Annuity Rates were used as an extra benefit, at no cost. This was because the view at the time is that they would never come into play.

But rather like a sunken ship that has been hidden for decades they have started to appear. Now that the water level (i.e. inflation, interest rates and investment returns) has continued to recede.

What if your pension scheme provides a Guaranteed Annuity Rate? Well this could provide you with a higher level of annuity income than you may be offered on the open market. You would just need to purchase your annuity from your existing pension provider.

It is, however, important that you check the terms and conditions attached to the Guaranteed Annuity Rate. Furthermore you need to establish that the annuity provided is suitable for your circumstances.

A standard annuity provides a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. A number of Guaranteed Annuity Rates are only available for annuities on a single life basis. This means that the annuity ends on your death. Wheras you could arrange a joint life annuity on the open market. This would then provide a continuing income to your spouse or civil partner).

A number of Guaranteed Annuity Rates are also only payable annually in arrears. That is, your annuity is paid just once a year, 12 months in arrears.

If you are in poor health you lose out by accepting a Guaranteed Annuity Rate. This is because you may be able to obtain a higher annuity rate elsewhere. A number of pensions companies provide enhanced annuities if you suffer from certain conditions.


What you should check

  • When can the Guaranteed Annuity Rate be taken? Some pension schemes only offer the Guaranteed Annuity Rate at the scheme’s selected retirement date. It will not be available if you draw your retirement benefits before or after this date.


  • Is there a schedule of different rates? Some pension schemes offer a schedule of different Guaranteed Annuity Rates. These vary depending on the age at which you take your retirement benefits.


  • Is a joint life annuity available? You may want to include a continuing income for a nominated dependant, such as your spouse. If a joint life annuity is available, does the Guaranteed Annuity Rate still apply?


  • Is an escalating annuity available? Does the Guaranteed Annuity Rate apply if you want to include escalation. This is an option whereby your annuity income increases each year to offset the effects of inflation.


  • Do you have any health conditions? For example do you smoke cigarettes or have other lifestyle issues such as being very much overweight? An enhanced annuity quote might provide you with a better annuity rate than the Guaranteed Annuity Rate.





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