50 Years of providing financial advice

50 years as a financial adviser

Please forgive me for indulging myself in this issue of my regular blog. I am celebrating 50 years as a financial adviser and I am not quite done yet! For those of you receiving this who have not subscribed to my blog, don’t worry, you won’t get another one unless of course you do decide to subscribe. It’s just that you have been part of my journey during these 50 years and I wanted to thank you. I would like to have held a party but Covid has put paid to that.

I actually started my career as a financial adviser with Imperial Life of Canada in Cardiff on 16 September 1970 as my very first contract shows.

My previous position was in industry, working as production manager at the Crumlin (that’s in Wales) factory of Conway Stewart.

This had followed an engineering apprenticeship and an unsuccessful, but very enjoyable, spell at university.


But the reason I am particularly celebrating today is that I gave my very first advice to a client (after a full two weeks training!) on 1 October 1970 which is exactly 50 years ago.

To the Jewish nation in Bible times every 50 years was very special and was called the Year of Jubilee. This was to be a time of rest and restoration both for the people and the land. You could say that a form of Jubilee has been forced upon us by the current Covid pandemic.

Whilst I am still working as a financial planner it is with only a handful of clients and on a part-time basis with Flying Colours Finance Ltd who kindly purchased my company. In my year of Jubilee I have been developing usefulmoneyguide.uk because I believe that this is something that most of us would wish for ourselves, our families and our wider community in one way or another. 

As not everyone has access to a financial adviser, or can afford to use one, I am using the website to share my knowledge and ideas about financial planning with the world (well at present a very small part of it!) for free.

As I look back on my career in financial advising and planning I am indebted to three groups of people in particular:

To the financial services industry (struggling hard to become a true profession) which took me from the world of engineering which was not really for me and made me its own from the first day I joined. For giving me a career in which my interest today is even stronger than when I started and for setting me on my own journey towards prosperity. For so many great mentors, colleagues and friends within financial services that I have known over the years.

To the thousands of clients that I have met with and advised over my career both in South Wales, where I began, and then mostly in the South East of England. For all the wonderful experiences you have given me, your hospitality, the trust you have shown and the way you have allowed me to practice my profession in such an enjoyable and supportive way.

To those throughout my career who have kept and expanded my interest with their writing. For the wealth of information, thoughts and ideas that have guided my thoughts and formed the basis of the advice I have given and which have now encouraged me to share the same through my website.

Arthur Childs

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