The world we knew

The world we knew, Frank Sinatra

The world we knew is a song made famous by Frank Sinatra and others.  The world we knew before Covid-19 may not be the same world when we emerge again from all that this pandemic has inflicted on us.  Some things, however, will remain and one of those will be our desire as human beings to prosper. 


Perhaps in future though, we will want that prosperity to be less just for us and our loved ones but to include all sorts of people around us as we have come to realise that we all need each other not just to survive but to make life enjoyable and fulfilling.

I have set up Towards Prosperity because I believe that this is something that most of us would wish for ourselves, our families and our wider community in one way or another. 

Whilst this website will deal primarily with the financial aspects of prosperity, I fully appreciate that true prosperity can also include the love of a partner; children and grandchildren; good friends and colleagues; good health; a satisfying career; achieving a dream; being a blessing to others; and having a challenging faith in God.

There will be a lot of technical stuff that may not be of interest but the plan is to add very short videos to at least give you an introduction to those technical topics in case you want to study them more. 

There will also be practical financial planning information because whilst most people would benefit from using a financial planner there are not enough to go round and, in any case, not everyone can afford to do so.  I want to share information which everyone can access and which will hopefully be of benefit to some.

This is just the start of the journey for Towards Prosperity and I hope that you will join us and keep returning as the website develops so that hopefully you will find information and ideas that will help you on your journey towards your own prosperous future in its fullest sense.

Arthur Childs

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