Personal Financial Planning Principles, Information and Ideas

After a long career as a financial adviser I want to use my knowledge and experience to benefit those who cannot afford to use a financial adviser or who do not have enough assets to warrant one.

So here you will find personal financial planning principles, information and ideas, all freely provided.

The Achilles heal of any financial plan is that your health may fail and prevent you from earning the money you need to achieve your investment and pension goals. Your early death will also disrupt any plans you have for your family. I will show you the various types of protection which are  available and the benefits and disadvantages of each.

It is not difficult to invest successfully once you have built up sufficient capital and you have an investment process in place. However, it is not so easy to accumulate a reasonable capital sum in the first place. I will show you what is required to get that first all-important capital sum together. Then you will be able to see how to continue investing to achieve your goals.

I appreciate that many people think that pensions might as well be in a foreign language or are at the very least boring. Think rather in terms of building a capital sum that is worth more than your home and it gets a bit more interesting. A fund from which you can withdraw a flexible income and/or lump sums to enable you to achieve the standard of living you want in later life.  I will show you how various pension schemes work in a language you can understand.

Investors face income tax, capital gains tax and,  eventually, inheritance tax on their investments. There is little point achieving good growth on your investments if you have to pay more tax than you need. Unnecessary tax will create a drag on your investments. I am not, of course, referring to tax evasion or avoidance, which are illegal. I will show you various perfectly legal financial planning products and techniques that will enable you to reduce tax on your investments.  

If you are serious about your financial wellbeing then I hope you will bookmark this website and keeping coming back to gain more insight from time to time. And please tell your friends. You are welcome to register to receive my blog if regular reminders will help you.